Dead Air Republic – The Band:

Formed in early 2008, Dead Air Republic was born out of the necessity to rock. Most of us had suffered a long hiatus from music, and we all felt it like a missing limb. Having played in various bands with each other over the years, we decided to kick that pig once again.

We are all about metal for the love of metal – in all its forms. It’s hard to fit Dead Air Republic into the confines of a specific genre; we’re all about playing what feels good. We shun categories and we spit on trends. Metal has always been about the music, not the record sales. D.A.R. is an extension of that philosophy: loud, majestic and ugly. So turn up your stereo and piss off your neighbours!

Marc Bourgon – Vocals

David Maltais – Guitars/Vocals

Ben Barnes – Bass

Mike Derstroff – Drums

Rich Bent – Guitars